Some Basic Sentences from Ngukurr

Like many small languages, it is not easy to find resources to help you learn Kriol. There are no textbooks to buy and no classes to enrol in. Learning Kriol requires a bit of initiative, creativity and independent learning. But we will help where we can!

Here are some basic phrases, with audio, from Ngukurr. You will hear a male and female voice speaking each sentence. Read, listen and practice yourself!

Ai wandi tok Kriol (I want to speak Kriol)


Yu gin titjim mi? (Can you teach me?)


Burrum weya yu bin gaman? (Where did you come from?)


Wotfo yubin kaman iya? (Why did you come here?)


Weya yu garra go? (Where are you going?)


Yu wandi go la shop? (Do you want to go to the shop?)


Welkam la Ngukurr (Welcome to Ngukurr)


Wanim yu reken bla Ngukurr/Ropa? (What do you think about Ngukurr?)


Ai nomo sabi (I don’t know)


Najing, ai nomo garram enijing (No, I don’t have any/anything)


Wanim yubin tok? (What did you say?)


Ai nomo bin irrim yu (I didn’t hear you)


Yu gin tok slobala? (Can you say it slowly?)


Wal jaldu na (That’s all for now)



Sentences drafted by Carol Robertson. Audio recorded by Anton Rami and Amelia Huddleston.


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