Want to know more? We have scouted around and found lots of Kriol resources for you.

KriolElfabet Detail

What is Kriol

Not too sure what Kriol is? We’ve got the basics covered here.

Videos in Kriol

Listen and see Kriol in action with a selection of entertaining videos.

Books in Kriol

Kriol is not a written language? We beg to differ – and we can show you why.

Kriol Dictionary

We can link you up to a Kriol Dictionary and give you tips on using it.

Research on Kriol

Linguists and researchers are fascinated by Kriol and we have sourced some key resources.

Reading & Writing Kriol

Some tips and resources on Kriol literacy.

How can I learn Kriol

Learning Kriol can be tricky, but we have some ideas for you!

Translating and Interpreting Kriol

Need serious help? Professional language services for Kriol are available.

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