Welcome to Meigim Kriol Strongbala.

This website is a project from Ngukurr to strengthen the place of Kriol. Delivered by Stronger Communities Ngukurr, a division of Yugul Mangi Development Corporation.


Find out the latest developments for the Kriol language.


On this website you will find resources relating to Roper Kriol.



Coronavirus information in Kriol (updated April 13)

With the Coronavirus situation getting more critical, having information available in Kriol is vital to ensure that clear and current information reaches everybody, including Kriol-speaking communities.   We have found a few sources of information in Kriol and we recommend listening to them or reading them and sharing them with other Kriol speakers where you…


Check out some of the latest developments for the Kriol language.

Kriol to feature on postage stamp

Kriol is a minority language, which means it lacks the prestige and visibility of ‘majority’ world languages such as English, Italian and Arabic. Minority languages are often invisible, spoken at…

Coronavirus posters in Kriol

Artist and writer Chips Mackinolty with help from the Northern Land Council and AMSANT has produced a series of posters with health messages to limit the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19. We…
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