ABC News in Kriol returns

ABC News in Kriol has returned to being broadcast three times a week.

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, main news stories are provided in audio format (e.g. on Soundcloud) as well as formats featuring video footage (posted on Facebook – see below).

Earlier this year, we reported that the ABC News in Indigenous Languages had been cut from a Monday-to-Friday service to only a weekly service. In October 2019, the service increased to three times a week across three languages: Kriol, Yolngu Matha and Warlpiri. The addition of video footage is also a new feature.

ABC Indigenous Language News is an important way to keep Territorians from different language backgrounds informed of important news and events. It is also important for the strength of the languages and the communities that speak them to have their languages represented in domains such as media. The service commenced in 2015 with two languages – Yolngu Matha and Warlpiri – with Kriol then added in 2016.

Communities, schools and local radio broadcasters can utilise the service. Videos posted to Facebook can be viewed here: without requiring a Facebook account. Audio is available on Soundcloud (see below) and audio files can be downloaded for re-broadcast by community radio stations.

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