Word on the Street (in Ngukurr) – What do you think of the Panda Shop?

This week we took to the streets of Ngukurr to ask residents what they think of the newest shop in the community – the Panda Shop – which opened in 2018. Here’s what they had to say:

Carmelina Ngalmi



“Im diyawan”

(It’s expensive)





Marcus Ashley


“Prais im tu hai”

(Prices are too high)





Margaret Thompson



“Im maidi rait bat dei nomo larram yu digimat mani from det EFTPOS”

(It’s pretty good but they don’t let you withdraw cash from EFTPOS”)





Randy Lalara


“Najing im nomo rait. Im ekspensiv det shop.”

(No it’s not okay. That shop is expensive)





Andrea Andrews



“Im diyawan.”

(It’s expensive)





Wendy Munar



“Diyawan det shop”






Mitchell Hall


“Det smok prais im rait la Penda Shop.”

(The price of cigarettes is good at the Panda Shop)





Annette Daniels



“Im garra gudwan daga, bat im det prais.”

(It has good food, but it’s the price)





Philip Robertson



“Ai oldei baiya smok ja, bat ba daga im tu matj.”

(I regularly buy smokes there, but for food it’s too much)





Vinette Ngalmi


“Im rait im opin 7 aklak bat im bidova ripof ba bigininisaid en komyunidi.”

(It’s good that it opens at 7 o’clock but it’s a bit of a rip off for kids and the community)




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