Kriol factsheet from NT Department of Education

In 2020, the Bilingual Education and Indigenous Languages and Cultures team at the NT Department of Education created a Kriol factsheet. It’s a 2-page flyer with essential information and links about Kriol, aimed at those within their department who are working with Kriol speaking students. A key aspect to the factsheet is a detailed sound chart which describes the sounds that are commonly used by Kriol speakers when they speak Kriol and points out differences between Kriol sounds and the sounds that students who speak English as a first language typically use. This sort of information can be a great help to teachers who will find it useful to know which English sounds Kriol-speaking students may need extra support to hear and pronounce as their English skills develop.

Thank you to the NT Department of Education for allowing us to share this useful resource here.

View the NT Department of Education’s Kriol factsheet here: Kriol Factsheet 1 NT DoE Sounds

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