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Mothers, staff and the little ones at Ngukurr FaFT (Families as First Teachers) have continued doing great work with Meigim Kriol Strongbala this year. Last year, they were busy translating books into Kriol and even performed the Kriol version of The Very Cranky Bear for the NT Minister for Education, Selena Uibo.

This year, Ngukurr FaFT has added song translation and performance to their repertoire and it has been a smash hit with the mums and kids. Two popular English songs, I Had A Little Turtle and Open, Shut Them, have been translated into Kriol and mums and staff at Ngukurr FaFT kindly shared their work on video:

Here are the lyrics to the Kriol version of I Had A Little Turtle:

Ai bin abum lilwan tetul, bla im neim bin Taini Tim
Ai bin pudum im langa woda bla luk if im gin swim
Imin dringgim ola woda en dagat-dagat sop
En na im ardim binji garram murriny la im throut
Murriny, murriny, murriny, murriny, murriny, murriny
Murriny, murriny, murriny, murriny, murriny, BAS!

The word ‘murriny’ is a word used in Ngukurr Kriol that means ‘bubble up’, like when you are at a billabong or river and some bubbles mysteriously rise to the surface. This was a perfect way for Ngukurr mums to translate the ‘bubble’ part of the song into Kriol.

The other song Ngukurr FaFT has been enjoying is Open, Shut Them. Check out the Kriol version:

Here are the lyrics:

Opinim, shatimap, opinim, shatimap, gibit lilwan klep klep klep
Opinim, shatimap, opinim, shatimap, meigim im leidan la yu lep
Jinigap, jinigap, jinigap, jinigap, raitap la yu tjin
Opinim ap yu lilwan mawus, bat nomo larrim im guwin
Sheigim im, sheigim im, sheigim im, sheigim im sheigim im lagijat na
Rolimap, rolimap, rolimap, rolimap – upa upa na … UPA!

Ngukurr FaFT is happy to share these songs and hope other Kriol-speaking kids, classes and families enjoy them. Thank you to all at Ngukurr FaFT and especially Marlene Andrews, Sarah Silver, Caroline Morgan and Marissa Madigan.

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