Coronavirus posters in Kriol

Artist and writer Chips Mackinolty with help from the Northern Land Council and AMSANT has produced a series of posters with health messages to limit the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19. We were approached to translate the posters into Kriol and here are the results:

If you would like high-resolutions copies of these files to print yourself and display, please contact us and we will share them with you:


The text on the posters and English translations are:

  • Wi garra holot maindim mijal – English original: We’re all in this together. Literal translation of the Kriol version: We’ll all look after each other
  • Stap la yu komunidi, maindim yu femilimob – Stay on country, care for family
  • Washim yu bingga garra bigmob soup en woda – Wash your hands with lots of soap and water
  • Kofkofbat? Gabarrimap garra tishu en budum la bin! – Coughing? Cover with tissue and bin it!
  • Nomo tatjim yu ai, nos en maus – Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Nomo gibit mijal smok en dringkmob! – Don’t share smokes or drinks!
  • Nomo sheik hen la enibodi o hagimbat mijal du! – No more handshakes or hugs!
  • Jandap longwei gija. Thri steps longwei. – English original: Keep safe, three steps clear. Literal translation of the Kriol version: Stand far away from each other. Three steps apart
  • Stap longwei wen bigmob pipul majurrumap mijal – Stay away from big crowds
  • If yu filim mijal yu siksikbat, kol la klinik! – If you feel sick, call the clinic!
  • Stap la kemp – Stay at home
  • Wen turismob gu la komunidi, im meigim rong bla ebribodi wen bigwan siknis ebriweya – English original: Tourists travelling to remote areas endangers life during a pandemic. Literal translation of the Kriol version: When tourists go to a community, it spoils it for everyone when a big sickness is everywhere.

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