Kriol Awareness Course presented by Ngukurr Language Centre

Three or four times each year, the Ngukurr Language Centre runs a two-day introductory Kriol course called the Kriol Awareness Course.

The course runs on weekends with small groups of 10-15 participants who are taught by a teaching team of Kriol speakers and linguist experts. Courses are delivered in Ngukurr and provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for non-Kriol speakers to access hands-on training in a Kriol speaking community. Content covered includes the sounds of the language (and how to write them), basics of Kriol grammar, cross-cultural communication and understanding kinship systems and kinterms used by Kriol speakers. Courses regularly attract participants from Katherine and beyond; for participants travelling to Ngukurr for the course, accommodation is available at the local Darlala Motel.

The next Kriol Awareness Course will be held on October 23-24, 2021. Information and registrations can be done via the Ngukurr Language Centre website:

You can also contact the Ngukurr Language Centre directly and be notified of future courses: 08 8977 4225, or follow their Facebook page for updates.


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