Kriol Movie Review – Monster-in-law

This maybe a world-first: a Kriol movie review! Dawson Daniels has been practising writing Kriol and just for fun wrote a synopsis and review of the 2005 movie Monster-in-law, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. Check it out:


Sandei taim aibin jidan langa kemp lugunat mubi. Det mubi im kol Monsta-in-lo. Aibin laigim det mubi dumaji imin abum wanbala olgamen hu bin abum san. Det olgamen bin jidan hepi laif garra im san. Bambai na wan dei im san bin gu langa solwada said blanga wok. Ja na  imin faindim det gel langa solwada said bat im nomo bin dalim im mami enijing blanga det gel weya imin faindim. Afta dubala bin gubek langa kemp mamiwan bla det men bin gubek du langa kemp. Im nomo bin sabi enijing blanga im san jeya garrim im gelfren. Wen det mamiwan bin luk dubala, streidawei imin nugudbinji. Det olgamen dumaji imin reken blanga im san bla jidan lagijat nomo garrim enibodi. Det sanwan en im gelfren bin jandap la fran la det olgamen bat det olgamen nomo bin tok enijing la det gel dumaji imin brabli nugudbinji. Oni la det sanwan imin toktokbat nomo la det gel dumaji det olgamen bin jinggabat olkain langa im gabarra. Det olgamen bin libum dubala langa kitjin en imin gu insaid langa im rum toktok misal olkain en jinggabat olkain blanga hau im garra breikimat dubala bat najing. Burrum ja det gel bin askim det men “weya yu mami?”. Det men bin tok “o main mami im maitbi kolkol la ola femili” bat imin jeya insaid langa londri garrim bigwan fetha toktokbat olkain blanga det gel weya imin gulum gajin. Brom ja det olgamen bin jinggabat mijal na ‘maitbi if mi digi im langa dina ja na ai garra tok la im, blanga main san.’  En so dubala bin gu rait langa dina ja na imin toktok olkain la det gel. Dubala endap gulagula mijal jeya det olgamen bin tok tumatj. Imin buldan en gu langa hospel.

If yu luk dis mubi yu garra luk wanim garra hepen la det gajin gija. Mo pat jeya yet weya dubala bin abum guduwantaim en rafwantaim.

La mi dijan mubi imin brabli faniwan brom stat tu finish. Ai gibit dis mubi 10/10.

If you like our review and would like Dawson to write about another movie, let us know here!

For a translation of Dawson’s Kriol review of Monster-in-law, see below:

On Sunday I stayed at home watching a movie. The movie was called Monster-in-law. I loved the movie because there was an old lady who had a son. The old lady and her son lived a happy life. After a while one day her son went out for a walk at the beach.  Then he bumped into a girl at the beach but he didn’t tell his mum anything about the girl he met. After they went back home the man’s mother went back home as well. The old lady didn’t know anything about her son at home with a girlfriend. When the mother saw them straight away she was very angry because the old lady thought that her son would stay single. The son and his girlfriend stood in front of the mother. The mother didn’t say anything to the woman because she was very angry. She only spoke to her son but not to the woman because the old lady was thinking too much in her head. The old lady left both the man and woman in the kitchen and she went inside her room talking to herself and getting crazy ideas about how she was going to stop them from being together but it didn’t work out for the old lady. Then the woman asked the man “where is your mother?”. The man then said “my mother, she is probably calling all our relatives” but the old lady was inside the laundry with a big feather talking all sorts of things about the woman that she called daughter-in-law. Then the old lady started thinking about taking the woman to dinner – “then I’ll have lots to say to her about my son” – and off they went to have dinner together. Then the old lady started talking to the woman then they ended up arguing with each other then the old lady said too much and ended up falling on the floor and went to the hospital.

If you see this movie you’ll see what will happen afterwards and what will happen to the old lady and the woman – having good times and rough times. I loved watching this movie start to finish – I give this movie 10/10.

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